The patriarch of my family, Brownlee, was a passionate, smart, worldly being—and certainly the best dressed man I’ll ever know. From the enormous family he raised came many wonderful men. Despite all their soul-sparkle, the clothing they wore did not meet all of their needs. 

I looked on as they piecemealed their favorite outfits from one brand to another, day to night. One had a beautifully made swimsuit, a sundown-sweater, or athletic shorts that ‘seemed’ versatile but nothing lasted day into night, nor traveled or wore as well as they did. 

Inspired by my grandfather’s elegance, and re-imagined for the modern-day man, BROWNLEE is a thoughtful implementation of elevated casual-wear inspired by times past.

From day one, Brownlee Bathing Corp’s mission has been reinventing what has already been done in simpler and smarter ways. 

By offering beautiful, domestic, female-founded, elevated casual-wear, we operate under the belief that clothing at its essence needs to be improved. 

We aim to always provide you with a product that has been meticulously curated from seam to ship by our intimate, three person team. 

No detail or trial goes unaccounted for. After three years of business, we re-evaluated what we ultimately wanted to offer and how we’d like to offer it. We’ve learned that achieving fully domestic production, let alone local, is easier said than done.

That's why at the beginning of our third year, we let go of our relationships with big batch NYC and LA production facilities and brought the business completely to Nashville, allowing for hands-on management and active oversight of our product’s lifecycle: production in smaller quantities and greater control of waste throughout the process.

We are excited for the future of BROWNLEE and can't wait to share with you a more sustainable product. Through our emphasis on socially conscious choices, we give you ethically and locally produced clothing, made by real people, for you.