If this first collection and experience is any indication of what Brownlee has in store for the future, I can truly say this is just the beginning of a great brand… "where comfort and style are king."

Enough is enough. Men deserve more consideration in the garments they wear. BROWNLEE is unique in so many ways—lets us detail a few of these for you. From having textiles proprietary to our studio—meaning you won’t find them anywhere else in the world—to being a completely domestic product. We print, cut, make, and sew right here in the U. S. of A. Not only do we differ in fit and fabrication—but we’ve married fashion and function.

Brownlee Bathing Corp. Luxury Men's Swimwear

No longer do you need to bring along your favorite athletic shorts—or your most unique swimsuit. They now both exist in this product. As beautifully designed as the outside of this swimsuit is, it is built to parallel design in engineering on the inside. The suit contains a mesh-boxer brief with anti-bacterial moisture wicking properties—for comfort and style like never before. The fabric we have chosen has a two-way stretch—allowing you to dive, duck, and dodge any way your heart desires. Oh and did we mention there won’t be any spills of your junk when you rock these? They keep everything where it needs to be. Your loved ones will thank you.

The back pocket has a mesh-closed stash-pocket where your personal belongings can safely stay amidst your activities. No detail has been spared as the time has come to present you with menswear re-imagined for the modern day man.