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About Us 2

a little more about us...

Named for the founder’s grandfather, Brownlee is a home-grown brand aimed at elevating comfort clothing to the realm of everyday streetwear. We started with men’s bathing suits and quickly expanded into loungewear for men and women - cozy enough to sleep in yet tailored enough to style for dinner. Modern jetsetters and couch potatoes alike rejoice in our continued reinvention of classic vacation-wear.

We know you’re short on time, so we’ll keep it simple. Here are a few of our favorite things:


  1. SMALL BATCH: This applies to our core team of three, as well as our approach to production. Product is made exclusively in our hometown of Nashville, TN, and we custom dye our sets in our Creative Director’s home studio. We believe the closer we stay to our product, the better it turns out.
  2. WORLD CLASS MATERIALS: When it comes to fabric, we prefer the finer things. We use strictly Supima cotton grown in the USA. If you’re new to cotton, this is the cream of the crop, representing only 1% of cotton produced worldwide and adored for 3 things: strength, softness and color retention.
  3. HOMEMADE PRINTS: Every Brownlee swimwear print is one-of-a-kind and created in-house by our Creative Director and through partnerships with local artists. We start with loose sketches, refine over time and then scale the design to fit our pieces. Check out our latest artist collaborations with Lesley Patterson-Marx and Miranda Herrick.
  4. FUTURE FOCUS: Sustainability matters. We’re aware of the waste in the clothing industry as a whole, and we’re determined to minimize our impact by:
  • Producing 100% of our stock locally and promising a domestic supply chain from start to finish
  • Dyeing small batches and producing on a made-to-order basis
  • Creating local jobs
  • Ensuring 100% recyclable packaging, avoiding wasteful hang ties and plastic wrap

Just the Beginning

From day one, cutting what we now colloquially refer to as a "canvas swimsuit," Brownlee Bathing Corp was about starting from scratch and reinventing what had already been done in newer and smarter ways. The belief that clothing not be made new but be made better rings through in our vision and the future of this design studio. We aim to always provide you with a product that has been meticulously thought through from seam to seam by our intimate, three person design team.


No detail goes unaccounted for, which means we demand proper execution of our product. After three years in business, we have learned that achieving fully domestic production is easier said than done. That's why, at the beginning of our third year, we let go of our relationships with big batch NYC and LA production facilities where we had less control and oversight of our product, and brought the business fully to Nashville. Here, we are able to produce in smaller quantities, with greater control of wastage, decreasing our carbon footprint by eliminating high commercial freight costs, and ultimately providing you with a higher quality garment.


We are excited for the future of Brownlee, and can't wait to partner with you in creating a more sustainable future through our emphasis on providing a socially conscious product and your support of ethically and locally produced clothing you can be proud to wear.

I absolutely love the color ! And it's the easiest thing to throw on -whether it be making a statement when traveling or on the couch.

 Matthew  J.


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