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Brownlee O. Currey Jr. (August 14, 1928 – March 18, 2020) will always be remembered by me as a passionate, smart and worldly man. His charm was unwavering, and he radiated with a classic, casual and enduring charisma. His magnetism made him a successful businessman, known to many for his professional and philanthropic pursuits – but for me, it simply made him the best grandfather in the world.
When I first started making and selling clothing in 2017, my mind kept wandering back to my grandfather. He will always stand out to me as the best dressed man I’ve ever known.
I’ve seen so many people, stylish and chic in their own right, still struggle to find high-quality clothing that meets their many needs. Yet my grandfather never seemed to face that challenge, always dressing in a way that seemed comfortable, yet tasteful. His style was elegant but unassuming, proving that casualwear does not mean unstylish.
At BROWNLEE, we are redefining casualwear to signify that you’re up for anything, ready for the next big adventure, and creative in nature – but not careless. BROWNLEE, inspired by my grandfather’s elegance and re-imagined into a timeless collection designed for the modern-day, brings the inspiration of times past to a new era.
We source all of our materials domestically, and our hand-dyed and small-batch products allow us to minimize our effect on the environment without diminishing product quality in the slightest.
By working locally, we reduce emissions from material shipping dramatically. Our local geography also allows us to know every supplier by name, ensuring they have great working conditions and are doing their part for the planet, too. We only use Supima cotton, which is grown in the USA and developed to be supremely sustainable. Our organic hand-dyed and small batch products reduce water usage and the amount of material waste that has to be thrown out, in comparison to the more common bolt dying process.
And we make small steps to reduce our footprint every step of the way – for example, we have removed all the tags from our clothing, switched to compostable packaging and even make use of our scrap material to create handmade accessories.

Our small team works out of our home studio, and we touch every single product that leaves our doors. We are determined to be different, so long as different means better.


We don’t see any limits to where we’re going, but as our dreams grow, so does our commitment to craftsmanship, quality and sustainable design.


Christina Currey

Founder & Creative Director


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