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Our Story

Luxury meets function


Brownlee is inspired by the Currey patriarch and influenced by the Currey matriarch. Our roots are grounded in their Scandinavian charm and aesthetic, combining minimalist silhouettes with classic french terry textiles. Our creative approach marries the unhurried craftsmanship of Swedish design with East Coast monochromatic luxury. This ensures that each piece of clothing reflects the high-quality Brownlee standard while capturing our unique aesthetic.


We seek to complement the art of living by promoting inclusive designs rooted in longevity and simplicity. Our collections are thoughtfully curated with timeless, high-quality fabrics designed to make everyone from all walks of life feel good and look better.


Our garments are sustainable in every sense, from our domestically sourced materials to our small-batch production line and beyond. The personal relationships we’ve fostered with our suppliers allow us to ensure they employ care and respect for their workers, and our planet too.

Design & Materials

We take an intimate approach to design. Our process allows us to thoughtfully curate elegant silhouettes designed by our own team. From there, we go through an intentional and deliberate hand-selection process with suppliers to source the highest quality of materials. Our high-standard of quality assurance ensures conscious execution for each and every garment we create. The result? Clothes that look good and feel better.

WHAT’S important TO US

Inclusion. Intention. Sustainability. Functionality. All people are our favorite people, Brownlee exists to dress them well.



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